Sunday, November 1, 2009

Diva Cup - Giveaway Contest WINNER

The winner for Diva Cup Giveaway Contest is Kendra!

Congratulations to you! Please email me at to provide me with your mailing address and the size that you require.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Diva Cup - Giveaway Contest!

Guess you know by now that I am a big 'GREEN' fan... from Eco-friendly toys that are BPA free to using of 'Green' products like cloth diapers... and venturing on to 'GREENER' things like Reusuable Feminine Menstrual Pads... things which people, especially ladies in Singapore and Asia, seldom hear off...

Guess which product is "GREENEST" at the momnet on Mummy Knows Best's plate??? It's... (drum-roll)....
The revolutionary DIVA CUP...

'The menstrual cup was first developed in the 1930’s. Then it was made from rubber latex (an allergen for many). Millions were sold in those first years by multiple companies.'
Why switch to Diva Cup?
'Landfills are over-taxed with feminine hygiene products. In 2000, over 55.9 million women (in the U.S. alone) were monthly users of disposable feminine hygiene products that are “dumped” into the environment each year. Great resources of energy are used in the manufacture of these products. In addition, the additives and surfactants they contain pollute rivers, streams, and oceans.'

Start of Diva Cup
'Thus, over 15 years ago, Francine recognized the need for an alternative to unreliable disposable tampons and pads and found a company offering menstrual cups. She and her daughter, Carinne, singlehandedly resurrected the 75 year old menstrual cup concept by reintroducing this product to the world market when it was virtually unknown. They sold this rubber/latex version for 10 years.

In 2003, drawing on their experience and expert knowledge about the menstrual cup category, they developed a modern redesign, made from soft, top-quality silicone, to meet the needs of today’s woman. They launched their own company, Diva International. Their revolutionary concept, The DivaCup, is patent-pending and ISO certified. Today, The DivaCup is the preferred choice.

The DivaCup Team has over 38 years of combined experience in natural feminine hygiene alternatives. Their passion is to provide women an environmentally responsible, convenient and reliable alternative to tampons and pads.

“Not every woman can afford a hybrid car nor easily convert their home to solar power. Yet, by choosing to use a menstrual cup instead of disposable tampons and pads, any woman is able to make an environmentally responsible choice each month. This is no small matter. In the U.S. alone, billions of tampons and pads are dumped into landfills and the environment each year.” Carinne Chambers

“With all the state-of-the-art conveniences Western society has developed, it baffles us why outdated feminine products are still being used. We believe that reusable menstrual cups are the next generation of feminine hygiene because they are the most environmentally responsible choice. They are also the most convenient and reliable option available and are not linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome.” Francine Chambers.'
Product Description
It is
  • Latex-free, plastic-free and BPA-free
  • No dyes, colors or additives
  • Comfortable, reliable
  • Worn for up to 12 hours
  • Clean, convenient, easy-to-use

Model 1: for women under 30 years old who have never had childbirth or c-sections.
Model 2: for women who have had vaginal childbirth or c-sections; and for women who are 30 years old and over.


Mummy Knows Best Diva Cup GIVEAWAY!

Great News! Mummy Knows Best is proud to be chosen by Diva Cup to conduct this giveaway. The gal who gives the BEST COMMENT on this post below on why you would like to try a Diva Cup WINS.

It can be something funny, serious, or informative plea for Diva Cup. Mummy Knows Best will choose 10 of the best comment and will draw lots to pick the lucky winner. She will receive a Diva Cup FREE!

For those who enter the contest and join or the Mummy Knows Best Facebook page or the Diva Cup facebook page and write about the contest on their Facebook or Twitter page, you can get an extra entry into the contest for each tool you use. So START NOW!

The contest will end on 31th October midnight. Winner will be choosen and announced on the 1st November 2009.

Keep your entries coming.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Health Guide #1 - Homeopath/Naturopath

Gosh, i am sick of being sick... since my 2nd pregnancy, i was down with Bronchitis, took anti-biotics cos was coughing out blood... went to take Chinese medication which really helped alot... but i was constantly down with cough and cold again after delivery... doc said that i am having sensitive nose, down with sinus, something which i didnt have before before my 2nd pregnancy... Doc said homones changes etc etc etc...
Having been taking Chinese medication since bb was 3 weeks old... cough and cold come on and off... nasal spray didnt work... moreover it has steriods in them... didnt wanna use them incase it gets into the breastmilk cos i was breastfeeding... Chinese medication helped lots... but each time as i 'almost' recover, i caught the bug again...

perhaps cos i am really tired due to lack of sleep, lack of rest, work, 2 kids in 4 years etc etc etc etc... i know something is not right... cos i am ultra forgetful... lack of energy... of course, i can blame it on my lack of exercise etc etc etc...

Then i happen to meet Dana who is a Homeopath/Naturopath while going for Young Living Essential Oils talk at her place... decided to get a consultation with her... cos i am a firm believer of natural medication...

My first consultation with Dana was GREAT! what she said makes sense... :P i am a very skeptical person (those who knows me)... Body is too acidic.. builds up the mucus etc etc etc.. and the best part of it all is that she understands and appreciate the fact that i m breastfeeding... and i would still like to breastfeed... anyhow, she recommended some supplements to me.. and i really love the fact that these are VEGAN... cos i am a strict vegetarian... she is a mother of 2 with 1 bb on the way, but she is still so energetic... :)

Have been taking the supplements & flaxseed oil for the past few days, and am feeling better... her recommendation is to rebuild my body slowly before taking further steps... baby steps initially... :)

If you have a persisting condition and would like to check out natural healing methods, Dana is the lady to look for.

check out her website at or contact her at +65 6762-8029. View her biography here.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lunapads - Reusable Feminine Pads

Well... i did a write up on "Why Choose Reusable Feminine Pads?" before... and I was carrying Fuzzi Bunz and Happy Heiny's Reusable Pantyliners and Pads on Mummy Knows Best...

Now, i am very happy to say that Lunapads are in TOWN!!! in Singapore... well, coming soon at least... it will be arriving end October...

I have received samples of Lunapads and i am very excited cos the quality is so good... Also, Singapore's Lian He Wan Bao has picked up the launch of Lunapads in Singapore. Read here...

Of course, there are negative comments by the local O&B but i guess these mainly stems from the fact that they are MEN and might not know the actual products...
ladies of yesteryears use cloth pads for ages before disposable pads came about... thus, do they have the medical equipment to steralise pads then? No... just common sense...

there will be a giveaway on Lunapads... stay tune...

Check out for more details.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Parenting Guide #3 - Baby Food for Constipation

MIL highly recommend Sweet Potato Porridge if your bb is constipated. Alternatively, banana, papaya is good... Apples work on my sons as well.

Biotta (Organic) juices like Digestive Juice, Buess Juice work on my DS1 as well. Both kids and adults can drink it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Parenting Guide #2 - Poo

Baby's poo initially is meconium... at least for 3-5 days of his initial life... thereafter, if you are breastfeeding your bb entirely, it should be of mustard colour and watery in nature... Do not panic and think that bb has a diarrhoea...

When bb starts on semi-solids or solids, the poo will change... just like R2's did yesterday... MIL started him on porridge and thus, his poo hardens...

Parenting Guide #1 - Baby Food

R2 is getting cuter... :) cute smile... same as Rossi... But Ryan is slimmer cos he doesnt wanna drink from the bottle (yes, still!)...

R2 is currently eating Brown Rice gruel... MIL bought brown rice powder mixed with Si Shen from a chinese medical hall in bedok... Reason for this rather than normal pre-grind ones sold in NTUC etc is cos this is fresher.... he likes it... MIL adds breastmilk to the gruel...

MIL has began to cook porridge and feed R2 this week.... Apparently he loves it lots... hehehe... Porridge with potato/carrots, or cauliflower, or pumpkin (those Aussie ones)...

will start him on some fruits this week...

Hmmm, wonder if it is my imagination... but seems that R2 has been calling me "mama"... lol... not once but a few times...